Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not Really About Me

This Blog is not really intended to be about me. Yet the Holy Scriptures do tell us, “do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God” – 1Jn 4:1. In light of this, you might want to know something about me.

My name is Rich. I am married 40 years to my beloved wife Elaine. Together we have raised two sons, now adults with families of their own, whom we love very much.

In 1997, I left a successful career as a Registered Nurse to enter full time service as an evangelist and minister (servant) of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was ordained to those works by the eldership of the Monroeville (PA) Christian Church on August 17th, 1997.

I am not “credentialed” for the ministry in the usual ways. But that is not the same as being ignorant or uneducated. I hope that those who know me recognize me as one who has been with Jesus and in His word. But that means nothing unless the Lord Jesus recognizes me in that way, also.

From my ordination until now, my work has been located in Williamstown, NY, a rural community of about 500 mailing addresses. The nearest traffic light is twelve miles. The nearest Wal-Mart is nineteen miles. Hospital (and many doctor) visits require an 80 mile round trip, minimum. The only people buying property here are the Amish. This ought to give you a fair idea of the area in which I live and serve.

As you might imagine, considering the nature of this community, I do not serve a large congregation. I have never had any ambitions of making this a “stepping stone” work to a “more significant ministry”. Significance in Christ is found in serving well where you are needed for as long as you are needed.

I simply want to be a New Testament Gospel Preacher. Messengers were once sent from John the baptist asking if Jesus was truly Messiah. A part of the answer given was that the "the poor had the gospel preached to them". The gospel is being preached to them here, also.

These remarks may convey the idea that I am without ambitions. I do have ambitions though - and a vision - for the restoration of the New Testament Church. I began hearing about something called "the restoration movement" in the late 1970s. After hearing – and reading about - “the restoration movement” for a couple of years, I decided that we really ought to have one. That mindset has occasionally gotten me in trouble, not only with those outside of our “brotherhood” but sometimes with those inside, as well. I haven’t changed my mind, though. A restoration movement is definitely needed but it seems to me that in many cases we are moving away from that, instead of toward it.

I am afraid this initial blog entry hasn’t given you a lot to go on, as regards your ability to test my spirit. So if you want to do that, you’ll have to check some future entries, as well, checking the scriptures daily to see if the things that I write are so – Acts 17:11. Perhaps some people will. We shall see.

By His Grace I am
Rich In Christ

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